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Every athlete needs an Athletic Clearance Slip from Amy (in the office) to begin trying out and/or practicing with any team…for each new SEASON: Fall, winter or spring. Coaches will not allow you to participate at tryouts or practice without an Athletic Clearance Slip. To receive an Athletic Clearance Slip see Amy (in the office) to verify you have all the paper work in. Necessary paper (listed below) can be downloaded to print below or can be picked up in the office from Amy.

Bring any new sport paperwork to Amy.

Get a clearance slip even if you have participated for previous sports.

‣ Annual physical form
‣ Annual Voluntary Participation/Assumption of Risk form/Proof of Insurance
‣ One time Athlete Committed Eligibility Packet
‣ Voluntary Transportation fee
‣ Athletic Attendance/Detention policy
Athletic Attendance Policy

PLEASE READ- Athlete Attendance Policy
MHS Athletic Attendance Policy

It is the policy at MHS that any student athlete who is more than 30 minutes late for any class on either a practice or game day will not be allowed to attend practice or play in a game on that day. The only exception is if the absence was due to a doctor appointment and a note from the doctor (with the time and date of the appointment on it) has been turned into the office upon entering school. In addition, any student who has been absent for the entire day (doctor appointment, personal reasons or illness) will be unable to practice or play in any game on that day of absence. If a student is tardy, regardless of whether it is more or less than 30 minutes, it is important that he/she check in at the office when they arrive so that the office staff can record the time of arrival and enter it into the computer in order to avoid any confusion regarding eligibility for the day.

If the athlete has any detentions, a minimum of one detention a day must be served to be eligible to practice/play.
2019-2020 Spring Sports Schedules
Spring Sports
19/20 Baseball Coach - Todd Carson
19/20 Track Coach - John Dutton

Todd Carson - Athletic Director
(530) 964-2181 Ext 1504
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2019-2020 Basketball
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