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Our School's Vision Statement
McCloud High School will provide an opportunity for students to become positive, informed individuals that have learned how to learn and bring value to society and therefore are able to obtain value for themselves. This will be accomplished by providing a learning environment that can adjust to fit many students’ needs. A positive relationship approach will be used by the staff to provide support for all students. The realization that success of the staff and the students are integrated together and as we improve the relationship with our students and provide them with the tools they need for success we can all achieve more together.

McCloud High School will provide students a quality educational experience that meets the unique needs of each individual. Every student, with guidance from the staff, will develop an individualized education plan that will include career goals and an action plan for meeting those goals. Multiple assessments will allow students to monitor their progress and plan the next steps toward a program of continuous improvement. Through excellent communication and coordination, students will be provided an avenue to achieve their goals of continuing educational pursuits through local community colleges and technical colleges as well as universities. With support of the local community students will be able to gain an understanding of what the business community is looking for in candidates for employment and how they can put themselves into a position to secure the employment that they seek.

McCloud High School will be a source of pride for students, parents, faculty and the community. A variety of educational experiences will be available to students with a combination of traditional and non-traditional instruction, Career Technical Programs and Vocational training programs. By continually growing and upgrading in technology, McCloud High School will help our students acquire the skills that they will need to become a valuable and sought after employee or a skilled and resourceful entrepreneur.

Expected School Outcomes

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Upon completion of their four year course of study, all McCloud High School graduates will know how to and/or be able to:

Communicate clearly and creatively in a variety of situations

  • Read effectively
  • Write effectively
  • Listen effectively
  • Speak effectively

Think critically and independently

  • Locating resources
  • Analyzing information
  • Solving problems

Behave in a socially responsible manner

  • Participating in democratic processes
  • Showing respect for human diversity
  • Demonstrating personal initiative

     Utilize technology effectively

  • Accessing information using technology
  • Manipulating information using technology
  • Delivering information using technology
  • Utilize technology in a socially responsible manner

By successfully completing all components of the Senior Project, students will demonstrate their abilities and knowledge in regards to the ESLR’s.